Clearing Your Space

Create Movement

We shouldn’t have to think of it but we, as humans, keep a lot of junk! If you happen to be one of the few minimalists then you can create a different flow by rearranging. If not, then I can guarantee you’ll have at least 1 room, closet, basement, or shed, that needs to be decluttered. 

Think of energy like dust. When it hasn’t had movement in a while, there becomes layer of stagnant energy. The longer it stays in one place, the denser the energy becomes and it can literally weigh you down. 

Think about where your clutter lies:

  • Is it your bedroom closet and drawers? Do you not sleep well? 
  • Is it your basement? Does it give you the heebie-jeebies just thinking about going down there?
  • What unfinished projects lie in your cleaning closet? Do you feel like you can’t ever reach the end of a project? 

Let’s move all that out- Take an hour and start to shift the items that are cluttering your space. Re-gift that candy dish (throw out the candy first), curb that old chair you hate so much, get rid of those jeans you covet at the back of your closet. 

As you are moving those items out, tell the energy to move around. See it shake off your old blankets and move back into the air. 

Call any energy that you’ve left behind, back to you.

Fill your body and beyond!

Ever forget your keys and remember as soon as you close the door behind you? Or get halfway to work and remember your wallet is on the kitchen counter? Well, it’s not just a “forgetful” moment. It’s your energies way of saying, “HEY! YOU AREN’T IN YOUR BODY!!!”. Most of us would disagree, right?

The truth is, most days we are doing a million things at once and can’t be bothered to check in with our bodies and see what it wants to do. 

Here is an easy way to drop back into your body and use that energy to clear the space around you. 

The first few times you try this, you may want to sit in a quiet space. Close your eyes, and focus in on your midsection, find the spark of your energy that lives there. Acknowledge that spark and allow it to grow into a full-blown flame. See it expand into your pelvis (I always ask it to expand and light up all the nooks and crannies, think anatomy class details) let it move into your hips and down your body, lighting up everything it expands to. 

Then focus on moving it upwards, do this until that spark has your entire body glowing with energy. Take a few moments to sit with this energy- this is YOUR energy! This energy is so powerful and if it is being forced to be a tiny spark then, yes, you will forget things and miss things and having misunderstandings consistently. 

The next big piece of this is to expand your energy out around you creating a bubble. From here, it depends on your intuition and how far you want to expand your energy. You can expand it around the building you are in, the block you are on, the neighborhood or beyond. When you feel like it has been expanded enough, sit with it a few moments. 

Sacred Smoke

There are many different ways to create a sacred smoke to dissipate negative energies. You can use sage, palo santo, a bundle of other herbs or flowers, there are endless combinations to create a sacred smoke that moves along negative energies and reenergizes positive energies. Get what calls to you in either bundle form or loose leaves. You need either a shell, incent burner, or the lid of a candle will do so long as it’s not a material that will melt when burned. If you have a bundle, light the end, let it start to burn and then blow it out. Depending on how dense the energy is, it could completely smother the burn and you may have to relight it. If you have loose leaves, put some in a fire proof container and light them as if you were lighting incense. 

When you have the smoke going, remind it to clear away the negative energies as it floats. You will want to pick a window on the opposite end of where you are starting to open a smidge. If you feel like you will need a lot of smoke or the smoke starts to billow you may open more than one window or door. Be sure to allow smoke into the corners of the rooms and slowly move from area to area. You can use your hand to waft the smoke into all areas of the room.

When you have finished, you can place your remaining bundle or leaves on an altar or somewhere out of the way till the next time. Please be safe when using this fire method, I have seen bundles go up in flames very quickly. 

Keep a glass of water nearby or start near a sink if this is your first try.


Hey guys! Sorry this has taken me so long to get back to doing. I may have been hiding out.

(Me effectively hiding out)

BUT.. here I am and I had a dream!

Minor backstory- I barely remember my dreams but since being on my journey I have had some very vivid and graphic dreams that I can remember every detail to.

The truth is, the dreams I tend to remember either come true or are a big knock on the head to get out of my own way. This one was the latter.

This dream started out with me… in a hospital…. in labor….. Now if you know anything about me, you know this isn’t an option in this dimension. I have actively decided to never have kids based on the fact that I feel nothing for them.

Anywho, the dream goes on to increase my labor pains as I start to fight the situation that’s effectively happening. I kick, I scream, I yell, “I don’t want no damn baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I move from the hospital with the idea that if I am not in the hospital then it won’t come. To no avail, I flip into different positions and all the while as I am fighting I am pushing people away who are just trying to help.

The dream came to a literal abrupt jolt when the metal hanging racks in my closet came crashing down and woke me from my deep slumber. Coincidence? I think not…….

At that time of night, and with sleep still plaguing my eyes, I rolled over and went back to sleep nearly immediately but when I awoke, I couldn’t shake the feeling that the very vivid, very jolting dream was a message.

Often, when you dream of births or new babies it means new beginnings. So why was I literally fighting the coming of my new beginning? Would it mean I would have to blow up my life to get it? What would it even mean to have a new beginning? Yes, I am jumping into this new business but the last few weeks I have felt like it is going to go as it should. Maybe I am missing out on some aspect of the fight to get to my actual pathway. Also, why do I keep fighting those around me who just want to offer help and support? I love you guys but it is so ingrained in me to run when someone tells me to sit. Call it my rebellious nature I suppose but it has to be bigger than that. So here I am looking into the darkness that is the fear of abandonment and I have to say, IT IS DEEP.

As you can see, this unforgettable dream has opened up a deep line of questioning all leading to what is next for me and how I should stop fighting the flow.

Tell me, have you ever had a dream this powerful? Let me know in the comment section.

How far?

Today we had confirmation!!!!!! Holy frickity frick frick!

Confirmation of what you ask?

Confirmation of the ripple effect. Yes, THE ENERGY RIPPLE! My point was proven today with witnesses to boot!

Sitting in our 9 to 5, with different levels of management personnel and the acting director/manager goes on an inspirational rant about the experiences she has had over the last few months. The “there is more out there and we need to do better to deprogram ourselves from society’s expectations” rant.


You may be asking, “Why would your mind be blown by that?” Well by her own admission, she had not really thought about what is outside her human bubble before a major death in her circle took place.

Between a death trigger and the energetic SHOVES that have been happening the last year, I am ecstatic when someone can look beyond the grief or “bad stuff” and see the value that those situations provide.

Also, this is a reminder that the more work you do on yourself, the more those around you will see those same doors opening and they become more likely to step through and face the realizations on the other side.

So what is stopping you from being aware? From walking through that door and dealing with whats inside so you can be free of it? Don’t let it weigh you down any longer. Let me help you push that ripple out further than ever before.

What am I even doing here????!!!!!!

Hey Guys and Gals!

I need to take a minute and truly look at why I am building this business. The quick answer is YOU. When I did my dream web (yes a hand drawn web) there was a realization that I am supposed to be helping people, helping souls.

So here is what I want to do— Offer classes that seem too far out of your reach, create tribes for people to network, grow and learn from others in, offer my help in building your inner voice and the trust that can facilitate changes in your life.

That’s what I am going to do- I won’t always be nice about it because, let’s face it, that’s not always helpful. If you are wanting to make change happen in your life then I am in to provide my piece of your pathway puzzle!!!!

So expect classes (Reiki level one starts in March!) for affordable prices!!! Expect to see me showing up as a vendor or a collaborator at events and expect me to expand your thought processes through conversations.

I fully expect you to hold me to all of these challenges and push my own growth as well! So send me your questions, comments, thoughts, hopes and dreams and let us begin.