How far?

Today we had confirmation!!!!!! Holy frickity frick frick!

Confirmation of what you ask?

Confirmation of the ripple effect. Yes, THE ENERGY RIPPLE! My point was proven today with witnesses to boot!

Sitting in our 9 to 5, with different levels of management personnel and the acting director/manager goes on an inspirational rant about the experiences she has had over the last few months. The “there is more out there and we need to do better to deprogram ourselves from society’s expectations” rant.


You may be asking, “Why would your mind be blown by that?” Well by her own admission, she had not really thought about what is outside her human bubble before a major death in her circle took place.

Between a death trigger and the energetic SHOVES that have been happening the last year, I am ecstatic when someone can look beyond the grief or “bad stuff” and see the value that those situations provide.

Also, this is a reminder that the more work you do on yourself, the more those around you will see those same doors opening and they become more likely to step through and face the realizations on the other side.

So what is stopping you from being aware? From walking through that door and dealing with whats inside so you can be free of it? Don’t let it weigh you down any longer. Let me help you push that ripple out further than ever before.

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